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Johnson Tiles Mission Statement

Our mission is "To be one of the world leaders in ceramic tile production, with a strong reputation for high quality product and excellent customer service, and to provide an enjoyable and challenging environment for all employees".

Johnson Tiles Business Definition

“To achieve our growth and profit objectives through cost effective design, manufacture and marketing of high quality ceramic tile and complementary products in the Home Furnishing, Building and Construction markets in Europe and selected overseas markets. Within our preferred product market our aim is continuously to seek each year to improve the quality of our products and services through a program which encourages people to reach individual excellence.”

Export Conditions of Sale

It is in all our customers’ best interests to read this document, which outlines and explains H & R Johnson's Conditions of Sale by clicking here. If you would like a copy mailing or more information please e-mail us at or fax us at 732-528-2249.

Environmental Policy

Johnson Tiles Limited manufacture and supply ceramic tiles to either customer, company or standard specifications.  This Environmental Policy applies to all Johnson Tiles Limited's operations within the UK. Johnson Tiles Limited is an operational company of Norcros (Holdings) Limited. This policy complies with the Norcros (Holdings) Limited Group Environmental Policy and all other company policies. To learn more about our Environmental Policies, please click here.

The Board of Directors of Johnson Tiles Limited considers environmental management an integral and fundamental part of the Company's corporate business strategy. A board member has been appointed to represent environmental issues.

We will take all necessary steps to comply with U.K. and European legislation and other standards affecting our activities, together with any future standards of protection. Using the principle of continual improvement, the Company is committed to the prevention of pollution and aims to achieve the highest possible environmental standards.

To this end, it is the aim to operate within the constraints of an accredited environmental management system. This system will establish a framework for identifying all environmental aspects of our materials, processes and products and assessing their impact. We will ensure that, in order to demonstrate continual improvement, mechanisms are established to set and review environmental objectives and targets. These objectives will include:

-The efficient use of all materials, supplies, energy and transport. Wherever possible the principles of sustainable development will be adopted.

-Preventing, reducing or controlling, where practicable, emissions to all environmental media.

-The minimization of waste from all parts of the company's operations. Wherever possible waste materials will be reprocessed or recycled.

In addition, we will require high environmental standards from suppliers, vendors and contractors involved with the company. We will seek to develop and maintain, where significant hazards exist, emergency plans in conjunction the emergency services, relevant authorities and the local community.

We will ensure that all necessary resources are provided in the areas of operational control, engineering, technology and training as are necessary to enable those with specific duties to effectively discharge their responsibilities. We will ensure awareness and participation of all our employees through communication, training and participation in continuous improvement teams.

We will seek to develop the active co-operation and input of all stakeholders within the environmental management system in respect of concerns about the hazards and impacts of our operations. We will ensure that this policy is publicly available to suppliers, customers, stakeholders and the general public through distribution of copies, public registers and the use of information technology.

This policy, its underlying procedures and the effectiveness of its implementation will be monitored and reviewed by the Environmental Management Steering Committee and the Board of Directors. This policy document and the objectives and targets will be updated, as necessary, following annual management reviews.

Mr J Matthews                                  

Managing Director

Johnson Tiles Limited 

16th April 2003

If you have a question, comment or problem, please e-mail us at: toffeeman1@aol.comcall us at 732-264-0202 or fax us at 732-264-0222.

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