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H & R Johnson, founded in 1901, is the premier ceramic tile manufacturer in England, with a far-reaching manufacturing and distribution presence across the World.
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Because H & R Johnson manufactures such a wide and deep product range this web-site is designed specifically to help our North American customers find the most suitable Johnson product for their needs. All Johnson products are available as either a special order item or from stock.  But we recognize that it is important that our product has to be available in a timely manner, when you, our customers, need it.

So in addition to stocking millions of square feet of tile at our factory warehouses, to support our distributors, H & R Johnson has established, in 2006, its first USA warehouse facility, situated in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

  • This web-site is designed primarily ,to identify clearly which products are available in stock in the USA and where to buy them.
  • For the trade, which merchandising aids are available. 
  • To identify up coming launches and
  • To inform North America specifiers of the diverse range of products available to them.
Note: On Terminology- This web-site utilizes links to H & R Johnson's retail and architectural web-sites. Though the USA and U.K. are united by a common language spellings, word usage and units of measure do differ.
Examples are: "fixing" in the U.K. means "installing" in American terminology.

Most Johnson tiles are manufactured to metric sizes. The size given includes a grout joint. A full chart detailing metric and imperial sizes is provided in Installation Advice section.

This web-site is under continuous development, so please check back with us regularly for product and other updates.

If you have a question, comment or problem, please e-mail us at: toffeeman1@aol.comcall us at 732-264-0202 or fax us at 732-264-0222.

Johnson Tiles Ltd * USA Warehouse Facility * 122 Tices Lane* East Brunswick, NJ  * USA * 08816