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Far more than simply the nostalgic re-creation of a bygone age, the Minton Hollins Studio Collection embraces the ambience and elegance of Victorian and Edwardian times and breathes new life into it. creating a vibrant and luxurious statement of style that is the very essence of the way we live today.
Complete Studio Minton product literature is available here.

The crackle glaze effect tiles in the Studio Collection exhibit deliberate variations in shade and crazing to replicate the appearance of handmade ceramics.

For Specialist Installation Advice, check out our Installation Advice section.



Bringing an inspired combination of soft, subtle colours and flowing, curved lines, Tulip strikes a perfect balance between simple elegant taste and a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Combining classic style and flamboyant decoration, Tulip evokes a traditional air of harmony and beauty that is lighter and more refined in keeping with today’s artistic sensibilities.


Evoking the relaxed informality of rural domesticity, Swirl Berry brings a new mood of light and space, simplicity and order that epitomizes modern country ambience and is not just a look but is a way of living.




Reflecting the vitality, complexity and unfolding patterns of contemporary art, Circle Square offers a modern day treatment of simple geometric shapes based on abstract, industrial and functional forms.


Engaging popular ideas about comfort and familiarity, Circle Square is an accessible design offering ample scope for creativity.




Perfectly replicating the antiquated appearance and subtle color variations that are a characteristic part of the ageing process of many old hand-made tiles, Crackle gives an authentic look , but with the quality and consistency of modern manufacturing.


Original Colors


These flexible and timeless colors work with stone, tile and wood surfaces and can be accessorized to create different design themes.


Providing the finishing touch, a wide array of ceramic moldings and trims are available.


If you have a question, comment or problem, please e-mail us at: toffeeman1@aol.comcall us at 732-264-0202 or fax us at 732-264-0222.

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