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Tile Installation Tips

Wall Tiles

Some wall tile glazes, particularly the more specialised effects used to create surface features and strong colours, are subject to crazing. This aspect is an inherent characteristic of the glazes and may occur after fixing but will not affect the performance of the tiles.

Non-spacer tiles should be spaced by the use of readily available spacer pegs. It is recommended that proprietary tile edging trims are used for all external corners and exposed tiling edges.


Specialist Fixing (Installation) Studio Minton

The Minton Hollins ‘Studio Collection’ is a range of ceramic glazed wall tiles that have been designed to replicate the appearance of an authentic handmade tile. Given this, the variation in shade and crazing are deliberate factors which contribute to the overall appearance of the finished product and could vary from batch to batch. Due to this fact these tiles are susceptible to crazing prior to, during and/or after installation and can not be covered by the regular crazing/staining standards. Johnson Tiles can not accept responsibility for any complaints associated with staining/crazing.For the best results we advise that they are installed by a professional fixer.

  •  In any instance we suggest the use of pre-grouting sealer prior to grouting and an impregnating sealer once the tiles have been fixed.
  •  It is recommended that all cuts are carried out using a ‘wet’ diamond-wheel cutter (as the use of rail-cutter could result in ‘chattered’ edges).

This particular glaze system can be vulnerable to prolonged contact with certain proprietary commodities of an acidic nature, examples of which include particular brands of hair products, cleaning agents, red wine, beetroot juice, etc; of which overnight contact could lead to permanent discolouration.

N.B. Please note that tiles within this range must be sealed with an appropriate sealer i.e. ‘Aqua Mix Sealers Choice 15 – Gold’ or equivalent product.

Bullnose (Round-Edge) Tiles

Prismatics, Formations Minton Hollins and Spirit all come with  a glazed Finishing Strip and/or plain or decorated bullnose to match the associated field tile.All the company’s wall field tiles, do not have fully glazed edges, which makes grouting easier.

Highly Decorative Tiles

Care should be taken during installation and grouting to avoid damage. Abrasive cleaners and strong chemicals, which may harm the decoration, should not be used.

Glass Wall Tile Borders

This decorative ranges include glass wall tile borders manufactured from Tempered Glass. They are designed to be used in conjunction with ceramic tiles. Details for fixing and cutting these products are given on the product cartons.


Coloured Grouts

If coloured grouts are used then the manufacturer's instructions for use should be carefully followed. A trial area should be grouted before proceeding with the whole tiled area to check whether any staining of the tiles occurs. Johnson Tiles accepts no liability for staining or damage to tile surfaces incurred during grouting of the tiles. Generally, the use of such grouts is not recommended with satin or matt glazed products.


Grouting and Cleaning

Care should be taken during installation, particularly when grouting, to avoid scratching the glazed surface. Abrasive cleansers and strong chemicals that may harm the decoration should not be used. The Formations scored products are intended to be fully grouted. It is particularly important for tiling which will be subject to wet applications such as showers for the scoring to be grouted.

Floor Tiles

Slight variation in overall size and shade of floor tiles occurs during the manufacturing process. Where possible, sufficient tiles for the area to be covered should be obtained in one consignment to ensure that a supply of compatible sizes and shades is achieved.

Only porcelain floor tiles may be suitable for certain external situations. Please check the suitability before installing any floor tiles in areas subject to frost.

The correct floor tile adhesive and grout suitable for the installation must be used. 

Large Format Wall Tiles- Fixing

The large format wall tiles require spacing by the use of proprietary tile spacers. Nominal joint widths of 2 to 3 mm are recommended to ensure that the modular co-ordination is maintained.It is recommended that proprietary edging trims are used for external right angle detailing. Johnson Tiles large format wall tiles can be fixed to a variety of background types. All backgrounds must be dry, flat and free from surface contamination. New backgrounds must have been allowed to dry for the appropriate length of time prior to the commencement of tiling. The background should be sufficiently strong and rigid to support the weight of the new tile work. Friable or weak backgrounds should be made good prior to tiling.  Appropriate advice as to the suitability of walls in respect of tiling should be sought from a qualified person before commencing tiling. This is particularly important if the new tile work is over existing tiling.

It is important that an appropriate adhesive is used which suits the particular wall background and service conditions. Johnson recommends that water resistant adhesives are used for wet areas and grouted with a water impervious grout.

Large Format Wall Tiles- Cutting

The high quality white body of the Johnson large format wall tiles can be cut, shaped and drilled in the same manner as the smaller format wall tiles. The use of a heavier gauge floor tile cutting tool is used to facilitate the cutting process due to the thicker gauge of the wall tile body.  For intricate shaping and cutting Johnson recommend the use of a wet diamond wheel cutting machine.

Large Format Wall Tiles- Handling

Large format wall tiles are heavy and particular care should be taken when lifting and handling the tiles to avoid injury. Any carton banding used to stabilise the cartons whilst in transit should be removed prior to lifting and opening the cartons. The transit banding should not be used to lift the cartons.

Tile Sizes

Johnson manufacture to metric modular sizes. Dimensions quoted on literature and cartons are all given in millimetres. For details of actual work sizes (The measure across the face of the tile, excluding the recommended grout joint) please refer to the product details given on the carton.

For those more comfortable working with imperial sizes(inches) please refer to the chart below.

            Metric to Imperial Tile Sizes

  Metric Tile Size          Imperial Tile Size

Field Tiles:


50 x 50mm


2 x 2"

100 x 100mm


4 x 4"

150 x 75mm


6 x 3"

150 x 150mm


6 x 6"

165 x 165mm


6 3/4 x 6 3/4

200 x 100mm


8 x 4"

200 x 200mm


8 x 8"

250 x 125mm


10 x 5"

250 x 200mm


10 x 8"

300 x 200mm


12 x 8"

300 x 300mm


12 x 12"

316 x 316mm


12 1/2 x 12 1/2"

330 x 250mm


13 x 10"

330 x 330mm


13 x 13"

333 x 165mm


13 1/2 x 6 3/4"

333 x 333mm


13 1/2 x 13 1/2"

400 x 300mm


16 x 12"

400 x 400mm


16 x 16"

450 x 450mm


18 x 18"

502 x 333mm


20 x 13 1/2"

600 x 300mm


24 x 12"


Strips and Moldings:


35 x 18.5mm 1 1/4 x 3/4"
50 x 15mm 2 x 3/4"
50 x 18mm 2 x 3/4"
65 x 65mm 2 1/2 x 2 1/2"
75 x 14.5mm 3 x 19/32"
75 x 21.5mm 3 x 7/8"
75 x 75mm 3 x 3"
80 x 80mm 3 1/4 x 3 1/4"
100 x 50mm 4 x 2"
150 x 12mm 6 x 1/2"
150 x 17mm 6 x 11/16"
150 x 25mm 6 x 1"
150 x 35mm 6 x 1 1/4"
150 x 37mm 6 x 1 1/2"
150 x 75mm 6 x 3"
200 x 20mm 8 x 3/4"
200 x 30mm 8 x 1 1/4"
200 x 32mm 8 x 1 1/4"
200 x 33mm 8 x 1 1/4"
200 x 50mm 8 x 2"
200 x 65mm 8 x 2 1/2"
200 x 67mm 8 x 2 1/2"
200 x 75mm 8 x 3"
250 x 38mm 10 x 1 1/2"
250 x 50mm   10 x 2"
250 x 65mm 10 x 2 1/2"
300 x 7mm 12 x 1/4"
300 x 12mm 12 x 1/2"
300 x 20mm 12 x 3/4"
300 x 25mm 12 x 1"
300 x 30mm 12 x 1 1/4"
300 x 35mm 12 x 1 1/2"
300 x 50mm 12 x 2"
300 x 55mm 12 x 2 1/4"
300 x 100mm 12 x 4"
300 x 120mm 12 x 4 3/4"
300 x 150mm 12 x 6"
315 x 44mm 12 1/2 x 1 3/4"
333 x 65mm 13 1/2 x 2 1/2"
333 x 80mm 13 1/2 x 3 1/4"
450 x 75mm

18 x 3"



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